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Responsive web design, self-managing websites, digital marketing, Graphic design

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, design and management of Facebook pages & emailing

We design your Facebook page and manage to achieve more 'Likes'

We send emails to your contacts so that your relationship will not be forgotten

Facebook pages management


We all know the potential of Facebook as a platform for sales and loyalty, but if the Facebook page has no updates your followers will perceive it as "abandoned".

When performing a job to keep it "alive" it will be possible to exploit this potential so that every "Like" will multiply.

In addition, Google ranks better those sites that have greater activity in social networks.

So, how can you start?

The first step is to create a Facebook page and then relate it to your website, if you already own a Facebook page but is abandoned, we will periodically publish on it to make it popular.

The service comprises:

Promoting your services on Facebook periodically, updating the page with your offers, several publications, promos, photos and whatever it takes within the line of your services to show your followers that the page is constantly updated, making thus attracting new "Like" (potential customers) and preserve the existing contact.


Facebook page update $ 170/month (3 weekly publications = 12 month)

Email marketing


Similarly, but using emailing networking platform, we'll provide your customers the right information before your competitors.

Emailing service $ 120/month (up to 1000 emails per month)

Both services $ 240/month. (Save $ 50 per month !!!)